BaryClowerTitle_SmallTexasBigStar and Bary Clower have¬†created and are sharing a new Internet-based WEB SERIES called “Bar Y University.”

Bary and his pupil, Brian B Barrett, share wisdom and laughs with the world via short video episodes released two or three of the Saturdays of each month. We started all of this back in March 2017.

Bary shares his practical work-a-day insights that should be valuable to anyone responsible for a small or large plot of land and/or livestock. Basically, if you live in a rural setting or just regularly visit the country, Bary’s lessons can come in really handy from time to time.

“Don’t Be a Dumb One! Be a Smart One.” – Bary Clower


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For most episodes, Bary and Brian not only share HOW TO do things, they provide a few laughs as they show you HOW NOT TO do things in the style of everyone’s favorite (sarcasm intended) way to watch TV… Hollywood’s version of “reality” TV. For these episodes, Bary & Brian transform into Dumbass Bary and Dumbass Brian. Watch. You’ll see.

BBBandBary_wNamesOn two of the Saturdays of each month, the TexasBigStar team will produce a LIVE show where Bary and/or his visiting professors will join Brian B Barrett in-person or virtually to cover what’s going on now. Real-time. Callers and questions emailed in will be covered as well as current events. Viewers will benefit from the real-world answers offered in real-time via call-ins or even video chat. We schedule these LIVE Shows to coordinate with Bary’s schedule so that we can get him to join us either virtually (via phone or video chat) or in person.

Whether you enjoy the LIVE shows or the bi-weekly edited episodes, if you enjoy Bary Clower, we’ll be getting you something to enjoy on a regular basis.

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